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“Salt is the most precious of all jewels which the earth gives us.” (Justus v. Liebig)
High Value Mineral Salts Imagefilm, GER. 2014. For   Dr.   Paul   Lohmann ,   a   renowned   enterprise   in   the   field   of   the   production   of   mineral   salts,   a corporate   film   had   to   be   produced,   which   deals   with   the   quality   of   the   products,   as   well   as provides   an   insight   into   the   manufacture.   The   film   was   produced   in   a   German   and   English version and also as a subtitled version for the presentation at international fairs. During   the   shooting   we   had   to   guarantee   that   the   high   cleanliness   in   the   production   plant   could be   kept.   Besides   that,   aerial   recordings   of   the   factory   site,   plus   the   production   of   abstract pictures of the practical applications from the company’s three great product families.
Language:  German and English with German ST Duration:   7 min. Genre:     Imagefilm Format:   Video: PAL 16:9, FullHD, Color. Sound: Stereo Director:   Johannes Lohmann Script: Johannes Lohmann & Christoph Hertel Camera & lighting: Christoph Hertel Music & sounddesign: Sebastian Lehmann & Lewis Wright (Banana-Audio Ltd.) Editing & Colorgrading: Christoph Hertel German voice over: Till Hagen English voice (interviews): Jeff Burell English voice over: Peter Merrik
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