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“... a recommendation for all who love sophisticated trash!” (Jury of the 27th middle-franconian youth film festivals, Nuremberg)
IceTruckFuckHardcore Music video, GER. 2014. What   is   it,   the   secret   behind   Buck’s   Killer   Ice   Cream?   It   must   be   the   ingredients.   Listening to   the   rough   voice   of   the   country   singer   and   his   band,   who   somwhere   in   the   northern   USA entertains   the   present   farmers   and   truckers   with   his   myths,   one   learns   about   the   story   of that   Buck.   With   his   ice   truck   the   iceman   travels   the   country   to   make   children   smile   and   to make   women   happy   –   but   in   his   own   way. At   least   the   likeable   protagonist   of   the   story   has an   unusual   way   of   coming   closer.   See   it   by   your   own,   which   discovery   the   officer   on   the lonely   road   in   the   forest   will   never   make,   what   the   secret   of   Buck’s   recipe,   and   what Spider   Murphy   has   to   do   with   all   this.   Enjoy   a   horror   shocker   in   a   dignified   country   flair   and in the good old b-movie aesthetics!
Format:    Video: PAL 16:9 (2,35:1), FullHD/2K,   color; Sound: Stereo. Duration:   8:13 min. Camera:  Blackmagicdesign Production 4K Production:  broken circle Director:   Johannes Lohmann & Christoph Hertel Script: Frank Schneider & Christoph Hertel DoP:   Christoph Hertel Lighting: Kate Ledina & Tobias Stiegler Setdesign & make up: Kate Ledina Film architect: Johannes Lohmann Editing & color grading: Christoph Hertel Music: The Marples Actors: Thomas Schunk Nicole Fritschi and others...