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“When   you   look   at   Nyabarongo   river,   you   see,   what   a   beautiful   country   Rwanda   is.   But   if   you   remember   the   hundreds   of   bodies   floating   into the lake, the pleasure will go and never come back.”
Forgiveness (WT) Documentary, in prodction. Director: Christoph Hertel 70   years   after   the   end   of   the   Second   World   War   in   Germany   and   25 years   after   the   genocide   in   Rwanda   the   topic   of   the   film   is   about   how the   peoples   of   both   countries   deal   with   their   horrible   past,   how   they take   heart   for   the   future   and   in   this   way   are   able   to   advocate   for   a “never   again”.   Thereby   we      accompany   the   Rwandan   pastor   Obed Niyikiza   for   one   week,   when   he’s   building   up   a   project   supporting young   single   mothers,   sponsored   by   an   association   from   Nuremberg.   He for   himself   has   suffered   a   calamity   because   of   the   genocide   and   now he   fights   for   a   culture   of   peace. At   the   same   time   Michael   Helmbrecht from   Nuremberg   is   shown,   who   is   engaged   in   the   fight   against   neo- Nazis since decades. They meet each other.
Title:  Forgiveness (WT) Country:    Germany/Rwanda Year:       2015 Language:  German a. English (w. ger. voice over) Duration:   approx. 45 min. Genre:     Documentary Format:   Video: 2K 16:9 / FullHD, 25p, color. Sound: stereo Camera:  Sony PXW FS7 / Blackmagic Production 4K / GoPro
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