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So Close - So Far Away Music video, GER. 2016. Initial   for   the   song   was   the   contact   to   crystal   meth   addicts   in   an   addiction   clinic   in   Upper   Franconia, where   the   musician   and   songwriter   Hunter    is   working.   In   his   lyrics   he   deals   with   the   very   abstract form of any kind of addiction. The   music   video   wants   to   show   the   permanent   conflict,   by   comparing   dusty   footage   of   a   happy   past (shot   on   an   original   super8   camera)   to   the   ugly   images   of   the   depressing   present   of   the   protagonist. The   music   video   works   with   the   stylistic   devices   of   documentary   film.   The   hand   camera   mainly follows   the   drug   addict   on   his   daily   challenges.   His   relationship   breaks   down.   He   can   be   seen consuming   crystal   meth,   purchasing   it,   as   well   as   gaining   money   to   finance   the   addiction.   Former friends leave him. At the end he sees himself in an hopeless dilemma.
Format:    Video: PAL 16:9, FullHD,   color; Sound: Stereo. Duration:    6:47 min. Camera:  Sony PXW FS 7, Cosina Super8 Production:  broken circle Director:   Cristoph Hertel Script: Clemens Weißerth & Christoph Hertel DoP:   Christoph Hertel Lighting: Kate Ledina Editing & color grading: Christoph Hertel Music: Hunter Actors: Tobias Schuster Thomas Schunk Carina Geiger Kai Tschierschky u.a.