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Video Walk im Künstlerhaus Interactive documentary, GER. 2015. For   the   Künstlerhaus   im   KunstKulturQuartier    in   Nuremberg   the   Video   Walk   was   shot   during   a   whole year’s   time.   Following   an   art   project   at   the   dOCUMENTA   (13)   in   the   context   of   the   metropolitan festival   net:works   -   kultur   und   öffentlichkeit   zwischen   analog   und   digital ”,   a   virtual   guided   tour   was developed,   which   enables   the   visitors   with   tablet   computerts   to   experience   a   journey   through   the over   100   years   of   history   of   the   former   KOMM.   The   Video   Walk   is   an   artful   „live   experience“,   as   well as   an   innovative   time   travel   through   different   epochs   of   the   house.   Thereby   longer   trackings   shots connect   certain   Clips   for   the   most   interesting   rooms,   which   emerged   from   current   recordings   and historic   images.   An   specially   programmed   app   and   several   bluetooth   beacons   takes   care,   that   the video follows the walking speed of the spectator.  
Language:  German Duration:   aprox. 40 min. Genre:     Documentary / virtual guided tour Format:   Video: PAL 16:9, FullHD, color. Sound: Stereo Director & project management: Kate Ledina Script: Simone Ruf, Kate Ledina & Christoph Hertel Camera:   Christoph Hertel Camera assistant: Johannes Lohmann & Tobias Stiegler Sound recording: Kate Ledina Editing & Color grading: Christoph Hertel Actor: Nikolaus Struck